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3D Design

With more than 20 years of experience, 2D and 3D drafting and design is currently our primary service.

3D Printing

After completing a 3D CAD concept model, we can also provide 3D printed prototypes and low-volume production.

Web Design

In addition to social media, businesses should have a website they can control all aspects of.

3D Design & Modeling

Often a primary justification for generating a 3-D model is to observe and assess the feasibility of a new idea. Will the object be the right size in order to fit in the environment where it will be used or stored? Will the control points (human interface) be logical and intuitive? When operated or used to its fullest design extent, will it collide or otherwise interfere with anything typically located near it? Detailed 3-D models of design concepts can ultimately be a tremendous time savings because problems with fit and interference can be corrected before the first prototype is built. This is one of the reasons automobile manufacturers can bring new designs to market in less than half the time it took before CAD systems were employed.

Our 3D Product Visualization service creates highly detailed and accurate 3 dimensional models of objects that typically may not yet exist. Once an accurate 3-D model is created, it can be viewed and studied from any angle. Additionally, the modeled object can be placed in various simulated environments and photo-realistic renderings can be generated which quickly communicate what your finished product will look like.

3D Printing

3D printing is an exciting new capability we are offering.  Along with providing a 3D CAD model of your product idea, we can also create a physical 3D prototype produced with one of our 3D printers.  For some projects, the first 3D printout needs no further development and can be used as the final solution.  More typically, the prototype is tested and evaluated with enhancements and revisions then made to the design.

Items can be printed in a variety of plastic types and colors.  Once prototype testing has been completed, production units can be printed in quantities, depending on the size of the components involved.  For high volume product, the 3D design can be adapted for injection molding..    

Website Design

Calvada Design creates websites and Internet media for communicating important concepts. When designing a new website, our goal is to draw-in the targeted audience and make a positive and lasting impact. Starting with a clear understanding of our client's objectives, we work closely with them to produce a website that exceeds their goals and expectations.

Once your shiny new website is completed and functioning nicely, it's important to remember that regular maintenance and checkups can keep it running in top shape, and producing the desired results. If maintenance is neglected and content is allowed to get "stale", traffic to your site will diminish and the site will no longer have a positive impact on your business.

Calvada Design can perform your website maintenance on either a flat-fee monthly contract basis, or on an as-needed basis at an hourly rate. Maintenance tasks typically include making regular site and database backups, verifying that all pages display correctly, updating or revising existing content, adding new content, and making adjustments to improve search engine results.